There is no questioning the turmoil of war has a profound impact on so many levels. Most of us have been fortunate to have never been caught up in war. Those who have, understand the sacrifice, pain and despair war causes in the battlefield and at home.

Returning soldiers from two World Wars were able to participate in the Soldier Settlement Scheme, which was established by the Australian Government. The scheme was established to allow returning soldiers to resettle on small rural allotments of land so they could make a living from farming. The Riverland in South Australia was one of the first regions to establish the scheme.

The hardships of the environment, the lack of farming skills possessed by some of the returning soldiers and a personal mismatch between man and land meant that not all who settled on their plots of land were a success. Those who did embrace and survive, created a unique and lasting part of South Australia’s rural landscape.

The successful soldier settlement blocks were planted to a mixture of dried fruits, wine grapes and vegetables. These soldier settlement blocks created a ‘patchwork’ of farms throughout the Riverland, which are still very evident today.

The economic struggles of the wine industry since the turn of the century has seen many of the original soldier settlement vineyards unviable to farm. This has seen the removal of many of the original vineyards, erasing an important part of South Australia’s history.

Ricca Terra has witnessed the on-going removal of these icon vineyards and decided to take action! The 2019 “SOLDIERS’ LAND” GRENACHE is made from 90-year old vines planted by a return soldier from the first World War. Ricca Terra’s vision is to seek grapes from other original soldier settlement vineyards in the Riverland, pay the owners the correct value for the grapes and make great wine. The ultimate aim is Preserving the Past and stop the unnecessary removal of historic vineyards.

The Ricca Terra Soldiers’ Land has the opportunity of Protecting the Future by investing in the Returned & Services League (South Australia), who play an important role preserving the legacy and looking after the men and women, and their families, who make up South Australia’s armed services. Part proceeds from the sale of Soldiers’ Land will be donated to the Returned & Services League (South Australia).

For more information, please contact;

Ashley Ratcliff (Ricca Terra) 0411 370 057 or

Keith Harrison (RSA-SA) 0402 560 492 0r