Fortified White Wine (Zibibbo, Vermentino & Muscat APG)

The Story

The old rusting corrugated tin shed where this Muscat has been resting is small, meaning only our neighbour’s 1950’s forklift could get in and out to move the barrels that the Muscat was stored in.

One day the old yellow forklift broke down, meaning we could not access the barrels for nearly a decade. Only when the forklift was fixed could we get this wine from the shed to you! We thank the unreliability of the old yellow forklift as it prevented premature consumption by Ricca Terra’s Ashley Ratcliff and the vineyard staff!

The Blend

There is not real science behind the blend of grape varieties used to make the Broken Forklift. A last minute decision to make a fortified wine resulted in the harvesting of the three grape varieties used , which were the only white varieties yet to be harvested….so choices were limited. The Broken Forklift is possibly the only Australian fortified wine that has used Vermentino?


Cases Produced


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